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  1. Hello, we just have had a telephone call this afternoon.

    I would like to book a cooking class on June 10th at 5pm for 2 people just as you suggested, if it is possible.

    You asked me to give you a suggestion of our favorite food. Well I like to eat and try everything. But my girlfriend does not like mango and mushrooms of any kind (except truffles 😉 ).

    What kind of menu do you make? And how much is it? And how does it work to book it online or pre-pay, because the 10 of June is not online yet to book.

    1. Dear Christian,

      We would be more than happy to meet with you and your girlfriend in our kitchen the 10 June at 5.00pm

      In term of classes
      I can propose you a 2 hours workshop in english working on 2 courses with as usual for us seasonal and local products followed by a meal with softdrinks coffee or tea but no alcohol for 55€/pers (Alcohol extra charge eg:Glass of Champagne 7.50€)
      or a 3 hours cooking class working on 3 courses followed by a meal with 3 cuvées of Champagne for 99€/pers

      Regarding the menu will keep in mind what your girlfriend doesn’t like and you can go to the « Les Ateliers » page and book any class of the price you want and we will deal with it this way.

      We hope to see you in our kitchens

      Please do not hesitate to come back to me for more information

      Very good day

      Your Sincerely

      Eric Geoffroy
      Gérant/Founder of
      AU PIANO DES CHEFS Reims Cathédrale
      +33 (0)6 77 98 40 86

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